Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Stigma Suffered By Polyamorous People: Erotic Fiction Author Neige Blanche Issues Statement

Neige Blanche is the author of 'Twisted Oak', an erotic fiction novel that sets a new standard for erotic literature. Alternative lifestyles play a major role in her novel

A recent article by Olga Khazan in 'The Atlantic' made a case for the idea that while polyamorous people must deal with numerous stigmas, studies suggest that they may handle some relationship challenges better than monogamous people do. The in-depth article contained a number of academic studies and interviews with a large number of polyamorous people.

"The article touches on an important aspect in all relationships that centers on trust and how polyamory differs from monogamy when dealing with jealousy issues," Blanche stated. "I came away from reading the article with a firm understanding that polys are more open and honest about their emotions, perspectives and needs, therefore ameliorating jealousy issues."

"What is polyamory and how does it differ from the age-old practice of polygamy or even swinging or open marriages that were so popular in the 70’s? Well, as it turns out, polyamory literally means 'many loves'. It can involve three or more adults either living together or not, legally married or not who engage in many types of situations or not, so long as everyone volunteers for such activity."

The idea of non-monogamous relationships is not new. What is new is the greater acceptance of these types of relationships in our society, bringing them out into the open and giving them a larger space in our collective consciousness. In regards to literature, this opens doors that were previously closed and has moved erotic literature out of the back room and into the light.

While new erotic books for women are released nearly every day, many simply rehash familiar and tired story lines. Only a few carve out a new standard for erotic literature. Blanche's 'Twisted Oak' defines modern American family in all its diversity and strength that will endure for generations. A culture that embraces the alternative, but grasps the past, the characters and scenarios are both familiar and profane, but valuable in the struggle to find our greatest potential. 'Twisted Oak' is not for the faint of heart. It is an honest vignette of the savagery of the human condition and the power in all of us to live in spite of it.

Without a sense of place, and with no one to help her navigate the city as she struggles through withdrawal, Susan soon falls under the wing of Ty, a man no stranger to misery himself. Among crumbling walls and garden gates, he leads her deep into the city to a family and world so unlike her own that she must take on a new name: Neige Blanche.

Armed with this new identity, Neige finds her way to Twisted Oak, an estate owned by Mr. Gregory-Michel Delacroix, a place where power and pain are both familiar and profane. Wrapped up in Mr. Delacroix’s love for her, and intoxicated by his demands for complete surrender, Neige falls for this wealthy stranger and his exacting set of rules. With the historic kaleidoscope of New Orleans serving as the backdrop of her transformation, Neige embraces this voyeuristic new terrain, but is left wondering: Why me? As she unravels the Delacroix family history, the answer to her question is revealed.

Reviewers have stated, “Accurately portrays the culture of the south and the beauty of New Orleans” and “Prose was beautiful and compelling to read . . . examination of psychology behind the characters was excellent.” Additionally, “Miss Blanche enters a sexual realm little known to some but perhaps thought about, even wished for (at least partly) by most women."

“I’ve actually been thanked for writing 'Twisted Oak' and told that it is ‘courageous’. It feels great to be appreciated, but I never looked at the work as courageous. I’m a realist who understands that for as many different people there are out there, there are as many different types of relationships. Every human wants acceptance, love and emotional bonding. I’ll even go so far as saying we require it, so why not celebrate it in all its forms instead of imposing our definitions of it on others whom we don’t even know?”

Neige Blanche is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at 'Twisted Oak: A Sexual Odyssey' is available at Amazon, Goodreads and at Blanche's website. More information is available at her website at

About Neige Blanche:

A graduate of Western International University, Neige Blanche moved to New Orleans in 1986 and has lived in the region ever since. She has been a community volunteer for over twenty-five years with various groups in support of local public, private, parochial, and charter schools. She lives part-time between northern New Mexico and the Mississippi Gulf Coast with her husband and two dogs.


Neige Blanche