Tuesday, September 2, 2014

New Fantasy Novel, 'Racing To Heaven', Released By Author Harriet Tramer

In the tradition of coming of age stories such as National Velvet, Harriet Tramer's fantasy fiction takes us on a mystical journey through the rich interior life of a girl who dreams big dreams

Author Harriet Tramer has announced the release of her latest fantasy book, 'Racing To Heaven'. Tramer's fantasy novel takes us on a journey through the interior life of a girl who dreams of winning the biggest horse race of her life. The girl, age 16, wins the race but dies at the finish line. Sadly the young girl, narrator of the tale, has suffered many years of neglect on the part of her narcissistic parents. As did Dorothy in the Wizard Of Oz, the girl dreams of a more exciting and colorful place than the world that surrounds her. Unlike Dorothy, however, she might have found that there truly is a better place than home. At the end, in a mind-bending twist, Tramer's fantasy fiction work leaves us to be the judge of what is true.

While child neglect is the subject of an untold number of headlines today, seldom do we hear about the more subtle forms of neglect - apathy and disinterest. The long term effects of these forms of neglect, not so newsworthy by comparison, are nevertheless devastating. Dr.Jonice Webb, PhD., has published many articles on the subject. Dr. Webb believes this form of child neglect can manifest later in life as feelings of invisibility, apathy and the inability to connect. Many of those children suffer from a lack of emotional intelligence. She refers to this condition as Childhood Emotional Neglect.

"Once I finished this novel," Tramer stated, "my work had only begun because I could not stop thinking of the many ways in which it could be interpreted. But no matter how you might chose to envision this book, one thing comes through loud and clear. The narrator was the victim of emotional neglect by her parents. And that neglect sent her off on a treacherous path."

Most great fantasy books leave little open to interpretation. 'Racing To Heaven' however can be interpreted in numerous different ways. Possibly, it is a tragedy that culminates in a young girl’s ending up lifeless on the track as she crosses the finish line after winning the biggest race of her life.  But then again, her “adventures” might actually be nothing more than fantasies that fill a teenager’s mind and grow wilder in her telling. In either case, however, reading this book should give readers pause to think about life and maybe even about what happens after we leave this earthly existence.

Harriet Tramer is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at harriet.tramer@tri-c.edu. 'Racing To Heaven' is available at Amazon. More information is available at her website at http://www.racingtoheaven.net.

About Harriet Tramer:

Ever since she was quite young, Harriet Tramer has known that writing would always be a major part of her life. She fully intended to be creative with words, practicing this craft whenever possible. And to her great joy, opportunities to do just that have come her way as she has worked as both a journalist and a college instructor. The connections between writing and being a journalist are obvious. While it also involves information gathering skills, the word “writing” is the operant term in the phrase “writing articles.” But the connection between being an instructor and being a writer are not as clear. And that is where computers come into the picture. Harriet teaches online classes at the New School in New York City plus other schools and she fills computer screen after computer screen with instructions for completing assignments and comments on papers that are submitted.

In addition to writing and teaching, Harriet has a very wide range of interests. She busies herself with everything from yoga to horseback riding and music. Keeping physical active is a major priority as is keeping her mind occupied with things that are happening in our ever changing world.


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