Thursday, September 4, 2014

Newest San Diego Attraction, Interactive Model Railroad Exhibit, To Open In Old Town, San Diego, CA

Construction of the new model railroad exhibit has begun and progress is being posted on the website. The new model railroad exhibit is expected to be ready for the 2014 Holiday Season

San Diego attractions draw millions of visitors each year. Old Town San Diego is recognized as an extremely popular destination for tourists from around the world. While there are many things to see with kids in San Diego, one of the most popular attractions (anywhere) has been model trains and model railroads. Very soon children and adults will now be able to experience locally in Old Town the joy and happiness that model railroad brings: a live interactive model railroad is coming to Old Town San Diego in time for the holiday season.

Today model railroading is more than just a hobby. Today's model railroad and model train displays are light years beyond the Christmas train set we remember.

Gary Hickok heads up the new model railroad project. When asked why at 65 he decided to start this venture, he replied “Model railroad has been a hobby of mine since a very early age, and it brought me years of immense pleasure.  With retirement coming, I thought why not turn a lifelong hobby into a business I can enjoy through my senior years that will also bring joy and happiness to countless children, parents and grandparents.  Traveling by train was a big thing back in the 30-50’s era.  The baby boomers of today will certainly appreciate going back on memory lane telling their grandkids how fun railroad was.  When visiting a model railroad exhibit, everybody gets excited, everybody is happy, everybody wins.”

Once open, the interactive model railroad exhibit will be one of the largest O scale operating exhibits open to the public in the Western United States.  When visiting "The Depot", visitors will see many types of different trains, including models of steam engines of the past up to trains of the modern era and will include Santa Fe trains. The layout will be approximately 2,500 square feet with plenty of animation, sound, lights, operating accessories and remote control devices. The Old Town Model Railroad Depot layout  has been designed to give visitors a feeling of how life was during the 1950's by displaying a large city with buildings from that time period, a working country farm, a zoo, rail yard engine workshops, and more.

Construction of “The Depot” has begun at 2415 San Diego Avenue, San Diego, CA 92110, suites 107 & 108, and the exhibit is scheduled to open by early December. Photos of the ongoing construction are posted weekly on the company's website. A slideshow gives website visitors a glimpse into the ongoing construction, a preview of locomotives to run at “The Depot”, as well as a historical perspective of railroad traveling .

For more information regarding Old Town Model Railroad Depot L.L.C., contact Danny (Danielle) Hampson at, or visit the company's website at


Gary Hickok is a graduate from Youngstown State University.  A former Captain & Reconnaissance Officer of the U.S. Marine Corps,  Mr. Hickok developed his civilian career in the financial industry.  He has been a model railroad enthusiast for decades.


Danny Hampson